Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to hair removal, shaving only scratches the surface. Waxing and tweezing gets to the root of matter (for a few days), but laser hair removal goes even deeper.

Laser hair removal from our med spa in Tampa disables your hair’s ability to grow back, delivering a safe and permanent solution for your unwanted body and facial hair. If you’re ready to see the difference that laser hair removal can make, please request a consultation today.


At Simply Smooth Laser Center we are proud to offer the GentleMax Pro® laser, a highly effective laser hair removal treatment. The GentleMax Pro® is safe for all skin types because it combines two fast and powerful lasers: the Alexandrite for light skin tones and the nd-YAG for darker skin tones. Treatments are also more comfortable thanks to a Dynamic Cooling Device™ that cools the skin right before each laser pulse.

The science of getting you smooth

At Simply Smooth Laser Center in Tampa, we do everything in our power to make your laser hair removal experience safe and comfortable, from start to finish.

First, we’ll set you up in one of our soft and cozy treatment beds. Then our board-certified laser treatment specialist will pulse a laser beam over your skin. The light energy that passes through is absorbed by the melanin, or pigment, in your hair follicles, disabling the follicle and permanently impairing the hair’s ability to grow back.

Why do I need multiple treatments?

Only those hairs in the growth stage will respond to the treatment, so the Simply Smooth process includes several treatment sessions to ensure that all hairs in the target area are affected. The latest professional research indicates that 6-9 sessions are needed for maximum results. Typically, appointments for the face are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart and 8-12 weeks for the body.

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What kind of technology do we use?

All treatments are carried out with FDA-approved lasers that meet our high standards for quality and comfort. We only use the industry’s fastest and most versatile technology, including the Candela laser system, GentleMax Pro®, which features a revolutionary cooling system to make you more comfortable.

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