Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks develop when your skin does not have the ability to go back to its natural form after an intense period of growth. This often occurs during pregnancy, significant weight fluctuation, or even due to hormonal factors. It’s very common for women to develop stretch marks during pregnancy, showing up on their breasts, thighs and abdomen. It’s a cosmetic concern that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for women after childbirth.

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Your Treatment Options

We have two technologies that can effectively treat stretch marks and improve their appearance. We use the eMatrix, a bi-polar radiofrequency technology that penetrates deep within the skin. We combine the eMatrix treatments with PicoWay® Resolve, a laser technology for skin rejuvenation. Coupling both therapies together helps us to deliver maximum improvement in the appearance of stretch marks.

What about Creams for Stretch Marks?

There is no reliable clinical evidence showing that creams, lotions or oils can improve the appearance of stretch marks. A cream or lotion cannot penetrate deep enough into the skin or create the collagen needed to support the dermis and improve stretch mark appearance.

About the Treatment

The stretch marks that respond the best are usually newer ones with a purple or red color, indicating that they still have a lot of vascularity to them. However, we can also successfully treat older stretch marks (white in color) with great improvement for most women.

Most of our patients will need 3 laser stretch mark removal treatments to get the best results. Pricing starts around $600 depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated. There is very little to no downtime following treatments to stretch marks – you may feel a little like you have a sunburn for a couple hours. We ask that you avoid working out for 2 to 3 days after treatment, but otherwise you can carry on with your normal activities.

Laser Stretchmark Removal FAQs

Can laser stretchmark removal damage the skin?

Many people worry that laser stretchmark removal will cause skin damage even as it reduces the appearance of stretch marks. This is a valid concern because some forms of stretchmark treatments can overheat the top layer of the skin to the point of ablation, which has the potential to cause harm. Bi-polar radio frequency treatments, which is what we use, are able to penetrate beneath the surface of the skin and target the stretchmarks while leaving the top layer of skin unharmed.

When is it best to get laser stretch mark removal?

There is no specific time of year that laser stretchmark treatment should be done. However, after your sessions, you will need to limit your exposure to the sun. This is because results depend on building collagen in the skin and UV rays damage collagen. Since most people need at least 4 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart, most individuals prefer to get their treatment in the fall and winter.

Should I anticipate downtime after my treatment?

Aside from staying out of the sun, most people do not need to change their routine to accommodate laser stretch mark removal.

How long will each session take?

This will depend on the size of the area or areas being treated. When you come in for a consultation, we will be able to estimate how long each session will take. If you are treating a small area, your appointment may take just 20 minutes, while larger or multiple areas may require over an hour.

Does laser stretchmark treatment hurt?

It is rare for someone to note actual pain during treatment, but it can be uncomfortable at times. We can apply a numbing cream to the treatment area if requested in order to maximize your comfort.

Are there any side effects to laser stretch mark removal?

The vast majority of individuals experience no adverse side effects. However, people with certain health or skin conditions should avoid treatment. Be sure to disclose any health concerns you have, as well as the medicines and supplements you take prior to treatment.

What areas of the body can be treated?

The technologies we use for laser stretch mark removal are considered safe on all skin. This means that pretty much anywhere you have stretch marks, we can apply treatment. During your consultation, we will examine the treatment areas to ensure that they are suited to the procedure, but most likely, we will be able to target whatever marks most concern you.

Should I take any special precautions following treatment?

Yes, and we will explain all of these precautions to you in-depth during your appointment. We will instruct you to prioritize sun protection. This means staying out of the sun and using sunscreen whenever you are outside throughout treatment and for at least several months after your final session. This is because UV exposure can trigger hyperpigmentation, sun damage and other skin problems while also weakening the longevity of treatment.

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