Laser Hair Removal FAQ

If you want to learn more about laser hair removal treatments from our med spa in Tampa, here are the answers to some of our patients’ most common questions. We encourage you to request a consultation if you have some questions you don’t see answered here – we’re happy to help you.

What makes Simply Smooth Laser Center different from other laser treatment centers?

We think differently about laser hair removal treatment. We know it’s not just a clinical procedure (the way some laser “clinics” approach it). And we know it’s not just a cosmetic procedure (the way some salons and spas approach it). It’s a bit of both, so Simply Smooth Laser Center in Tampa is committed to creating a uniquely satisfying Total Treatment Experience that’s comfortable, professional and effective.

What body parts can be treated?

We can treat your entire body except the area right around your eyes.

How soon after my treatment can I expect to see results?

Many people see an improvement after their first treatment! You can expect to see about a 10 to 20 percent reduction in the presence of hair after each treatment session.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

It can vary from patient to patient and part to part, but in past experience we’ve found it takes 6 to 9 sessions to obtain optimum results. The latest professional research also confirms the efficacy of a 9-session treatment.

Can you treat people with blonde hair?

No. There is not enough melanin in the hair follicle for the laser to be absorbed effectively.

Can I suntan, use a tanning bed or spray on tan while I’m in the middle of my treatments?

Since the laser is attracted to pigment in your hair and skin, the presence of extra skin pigment (as a result of tanning) during treatment could lead to hyperpigmentation (dark spots), hypopigmentation (light spots), or blistering. You should refrain from sun tanning for the duration of the treatment – from 30 days prior to your first session until after your last session. You may use tanning products one week after a treatment session, but be sure to let the color fade in time for your next session. These precautions are for your own safety and satisfaction. The lighter your skin, the better your results will be.

Do I have to let hair grow out between treatment sessions?

For your very first session, we ask that you come unshaven so we can evaluate the hair density. After that, you can continue to shave as you normally would for the duration of the treatment, although you’ll need to less and less! And you should always shave 24 hours prior to each session to prepare for treatment.

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Can I continue to wax, tweeze or pluck once I’ve started my laser treatments?

We ask that you stop waxing, tweezing or plucking 30 days prior to your first session, and refrain for the duration of your treatment program. These methods interfere with the hair growth cycle and would have an adverse effect on your results.

When can I resume my normal activities after my treatment?

Right away! You can go directly from our office to work, to play, or to anything else you want to do, as long as your treatment area is protected from the sun.

Are all medications safe during laser treatments?

During your initial consultation, please let us know what medications you are taking and your certified laser technician will be able to tell you whether you can proceed with treatment.

What kind of lasers does Simply Smooth Laser Center use?

We use only FDA-approved lasers that meet our high standards for quality and comfort. To ensure the best possible results, we invest in the industry’s fastest and most versatile technology, including the Candela laser family.

What does the laser feel like?

Some patients have compared the sensation to a rubber band snap against your skin. Most patients say that laser hair removal is much less painful than waxing.

Does the treatment hurt?

Since everyone has his or her own tolerance level for pain, we can’t answer whether or not you will think it hurts, but we do everything within our control to make your experience comfortable. Our medical professionals take their time, using cold packs prior to the laser application and an extra gentle touch throughout the procedure. Our lasers also have a dynamic cooling system to soothe your skin during the application. Patients who are very sensitive to the sensation may purchase a topical non-prescription anesthetic and apply it at our office.