PicoWay® Laser Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo is a deeply personal decision that has also long been considered a permanent one. However, thanks to innovations in lasers, you no longer have to live with a decision you made in the past to get a tattoo. The staff at Simply Smooth Laser Center in Tampa understands how important it is to feel your best, which is why we offer laser tattoo removal treatments designed to get the optimum results possible.

At Simply Smooth Laser Center, the innovative PicoWay® tattoo laser allows us to fade and remove tattoos safely and quickly. Working with any skin tone, the PicoWay tattoo laser can be effective on a wide variety of tattoo types and colors, including designs that may not have responded to previous removal methods.

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How PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Works

There are a number of different methods for removing a tattoo, such as dermabrasion and surgical removal. Laser removal is considered the most effective method to remove tattoos and works by focusing concentrated beams of light that penetrate the skin and break up the ink pigments underneath it, fading the tattoo. The broken-up particles of ink are slowly absorbed and expelled by the body over time.

The PicoWay laser is a revolutionary tool that uses 3 wavelengths to break up and remove a variety of pigments under the skin. With the highest peak power and shortest delivery pulses, PicoWay allows us to deliver safe and effective treatments with minimal side effects in fewer treatments

The PicoWay laser uses pulses that are 40 percent shorter than other picosecond lasers at around one-trillionth of a second. This breaks up the ink pigment into even smaller particles, making it faster and easier for the body to absorb and remove them.

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Your PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

PicoWay laser tattoo removal is a quick, simple procedure that can be comfortably done in our Simply Smooth Laser Center. Although the treatment time varies from person to person, most laser tattoo removal sessions last about 20 minutes and smaller tattoos can be treated in less than 5 minutes.

Often, multiple sessions will be required to completely break down the pigment under the skin and completely remove a tattoo. Because the body needs time to process and eliminate these ink particles, sessions are typically scheduled between 8 and 12 weeks apart.

Although laser tattoo removal can be a very effective way to remove a tattoo, results vary according to skin type, colors used in the tattoo and how deep into the skin the ink was injected. Black and darker inks generally respond better to laser removal than lighter colors, but PicoWay laser tattoo removal can remove all ink colors and tints.

PicoWay® Laser Tattoo Removal
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PicoWay laser tattoo removal from Simply Smooth Laser Center in Tampa can be an effective way to eliminate an unwanted tattoo for all skin tones.