2 Laser Skin Treatments to Help Stretch Marks Fade Away

Woman in white bikini in water

If you have unsightly stretch marks that are putting a damper on your self-confidence, you’re not alone — about 80 percent of the population has this same problem.

But the good news is that there are two stellar laser treatments for stretch mark removal that can leave you with smoother, more even skin and a fresh boost of confidence.

1. eMatrix RF

Ematrix is unique in that it uses non-ablative fractional bipolar radio frequency energy to heat the underlying layers of skin and stimulate collagen production. Traditional ablative fractional lasers work by removing the outer layer of skin, which can require some downtime.

The great thing about eMatrix is that it can be just as powerful as these lasers, only without the downtime and more extensive side effects. By triggering your skin’s production of collagen, eMatrix can significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and other common skin problems without harming the surface of your skin.

Most people see the best results after 3 to 4 eMatrix sessions, spaced four weeks apart.

2. PicoWay® Resolve

Another laser option for stretch mark removal is PicoWay® Resolve. This laser treatment works by delivering ultra-short bursts of laser energy, measured in picoseconds, to the targeted area. This treatment breaks up unwanted pigment into tiny particles, which are then absorbed and eliminated naturally by your body. As an added bonus, PicoWay also helps to stimulate collagen for even more comprehensive results.

Because PicoWay is so gentle, it can be a suitable treatment for virtually all skin types and doesn’t require any downtime. So you can feel free to resume your regularly planned activities right after your appointment.