3 Laser Hair Removal Facts We Should All Know

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Whether you consider yourself something of a hairy beast or just want to tidy up your bikini line, chances are laser hair removal can make your daily routine easier and boost your confidence. But one should never jump right into a cosmetic procedure ill informed. So, to help you head into your laser hair removal appointment informed and empowered, here are three laser hair removal facts that might interest you.

1. Light Haired People See Less Benefit

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Laser hair removal can work on all skin tones, as long as the clinic is using modern technology. However, it doesn’t work equally well on all hair tones. Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in your hair with light beams. If the hair lacks pigment, the heat cannot travel to the follicle to eliminate hair growth.

2. You Will Need to Get off Certain Medications

Some medications cause a condition known as photosensitivity. This means they react to UV light, such as the light used in laser hair removal. If you are on a photosensitive drug, it can produce skin reactions that are painful and even dangerous. Speak with your provider about how many days you must be off a medication before your session.

3. The Process Takes Time

Laser hair removal is not done in a single session. This isn’t a failure of the technology. Rather, it is because of how the body works. Laser hair removal can only treat hairs in the anagen phase of growth, which is when the hair is still connected to the follicle. This lets the laser beams reach the follicle and prevent future growth. However, only about 20 percent of your hair in in the anagen phase at any given time, which means you will need multiple sessions spaced around 4 to 6 weeks apart for the face and 8 to 10 weeks for the body. This means that fall and winter are good times for treatment.

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