3 Quick Questions about Getting a Profound® Facelift

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Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to be able to get a facelift without surgery? While it sounds like a dream, it is actually a reality, thanks to Profound®. This revolutionary system can reduce signs of aging in most patients, in many cases significantly so. 

But before you jump into treatment, there are some questions you’ll need answered. Here is the info you need on what to expect before, during and after Profound.

1. What Do I Do before Profound Treatment?

Profound treatment is simple for you. Besides showing up with clean, product-free skin, you just sit back and relax.

There is actually very little that you need to do to prepare. You will want to cleanse your skin the day before your treatment and avoid putting anything on your skin the day of.

We also recommend that you come in for a consultation before your actual procedure, as this gives you the opportunity to learn more about the system and lets us evaluate your needs and determine if it is, in fact, the right choice. However, this can be done the same day as your procedure in most cases.

2. What Happens during the Treatment?

We start by prepping your skin, including applying topical anesthetic if needed. From there, we administer the radio-frequency micro-needling treatment. This can be combined with the skincare products of your choice. You don’t need to do anything during the treatment other than lay back, relax and enjoy a little pampering. 

3. What Should I Expect after Treatment?

Directly after treatment, your skin may be red and slightly swollen. Some patients experience mild bruising as well. We suggest scheduling treatment over the weekend to give your skin time to calm down. You will need to stay out of the sun for a week and use sunscreen when outdoors after that. 

Results start to become visible as your body produces more collagen and elastin, as triggered by the treatment. Typically, this takes 6 to 8 weeks. Results last up to a year. 

To learn more about Profound and how it can help you, schedule your consultation. Call us at 813-877-8067 or use our online form.