Dyeing Your Hair or Dying to Get Rid of It?

Woman putting lotion on her leg

It used to be that there were one of two ways to deal with body hair: let it grow or get rid of it by any means necessary. But there’s a season for everything under the sun, and the latest body hair trends have expanded the options of what’s accepted. When historians look back upon this moment in our cultural history, perhaps they’ll dub it the “time of the rainbow armpits,” since a number of people have taken to dyeing their body hair.

Psychedelic Body Hair

As fashion becomes more fluid and beauty and gender norms broaden, people are becoming more creative with their self-expression. Across the country, instead of being shaved or waxed, armpit hair, pubic hair and beards are being dyed just about every color imaginable.

Perhaps the most famous person to celebrate the fad to date, pop star and rabble rouser Miley Cyrus recently posted pics of her hot pink armpits. That definitely captured mainstream media’s attention, apparently becoming an inspirational enough topic to warrant a full article in the New York Times. Meanwhile, the merman trend has men coloring their facial hair a wide range of aquamarine hues, from turquoise to deep sea blue.

Not one to be left out of all the fun, pubic hair is also getting the color treatment. A decidedly flamboyant alternative to removing the “hair down there,” some women are engaging in an inside joke with themselves, dyeing their landing strips fantastical colors. The Brazilian, it seems, is getting a run for its money.

The Mainstream Approach

As fun as this hair coloring trend is, it’s certainly not for everyone. Some people would prefer to be free of hair in certain parts of the body, and are dying to find a method to permanently remove it.

Laser hair removal provides just that option. Using a pulsing beam of concentrated light to target follicles below the skin’s surface, this cosmetic technology offers a permanent reduction in hair. Laser hair removal works by disabling the follicle, which prevents future hair growth. The treatment is safe enough to be used nearly anywhere on the face or body, which is a relief to people who struggle to maintain a groomed appearance, always battling to get rid of unwanted hair.

The Science behind Laser Hair Removal

Hair has a life cycle all its own, growing in stages. Laser hair removal is only effective at targeting hair during the growth stage, and not every hair in the desired treatment area goes through the same stage at the same time. This is why the treatment needs to be performed in a series of sessions.

Because hair takes time to grow, each session is usually spaced between 10 to 12 weeks apart. After six to nine treatment sessions, most people are able to enjoy a permanent reduction in body hair. An annual maintenance session each year can help maintain optimum results.

Although laser hair removal is not an overnight solution to unwanted hair, the process ensures long-term results. And there is instant evidence that the method is working: after one treatment, most people will notice a 10 to 20 percent reduction in body hair.

So whether you’re buying up Technicolor hair dyes and flaunting a rainbow of colors, or figuring out the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, there’s an option for everyone. And that’s a beautiful thing.