How Profound Can Help You Smooth out Cellulite Once and For All

Woman's legs lyiing by the poolside.

Is pesky cellulite keeping you from rocking your favorite bikini? These “cottage cheese” dimples are very common, especially among women, and are equally frustrating and difficult to get rid of.

But there is good news: Profound nonsurgical cellulite reduction is an effective, FDA-cleared treatment that can have your skin looking and feeling smooth in practically no time. Here’s how it works.

What Is Profound?

Profound uses a hand-held device to emit bipolar radiofrequency waves, which boost collagen and reduce fatty deposits. Cellulite happens when small pockets of fat push through bands of connective tissue underneath the skin. By reducing these fat pockets and boosting collagen to help remodel the fibrous bands, Profound can effectively smooth away cellulite.

Is Nonsurgical Cellulite Reduction Right For You?

Many people see noticeable results after just one Profound cellulite reduction treatment.

If you have cellulite on areas like your thighs, buttocks or love handles and are looking to improve your skin texture, you could be a good candidate for Profound nonsurgical cellulite reduction. One Profound treatment usually takes around 45 minutes to complete, and you should see your final results develop gradually over the next six months.

Keep in mind that while Profound can reduce small fatty deposits beneath your skin, it’s not a weight loss treatment. However, Profound can have the added benefit of helping to improve skin laxity while smoothing away cellulite bumps.

If you’re considering getting Profound nonsurgical cellulite reduction, set up a consultation with one of our experienced laser technicians to discuss your goals and treatment timeline.