How Profound® Gets Everything Right for Tighter Skin

Woman holding her hair up while wearing a tanktop on a sunny day.

Our skin is always fighting a battle against damage and aging. While there is a lot you can do on your own, eventually, you are going to need some help. Given that there are many med spa treatments on the market, it can be challenging to figure out which is best.

If you are trying to decide between surgical and nonsurgical skin tightening methods, you should consider the big benefits Profound offers.

Well, we can tell you which one gets our vote: Profound® RF Microneedling. When looking at Profound vs. other skin tightening treatments, the numerous benefits are abundantly clear. So, what are some reasons you should consider Profound?

Profound Treats Multiple Concerns

Compared to other systems, Profound tends to treat more skin concerns. Problems you can address with Profound include:

  • Jawline definition
  • Chin tightening
  • Smoother texture around the mouth
  • Tighter skin on the thighs
  • Reduction of cellulite

Profound Requires Light Downtime

While Profound does require slightly more downtime than other med spa treatments, it is significantly less than surgical skin tightening. Most clients will experience some redness, swelling and bruising for roughly 5 to 7 days post-treatment versus weeks with surgical methods.

Results Show Up Within Months

Most clients start to notice a difference within a few weeks, and within a few months, final results are clear. In addition to delivering results quickly, they tend to be more dramatic than with other nonsurgical treatments, making them quite noticeable.

To learn more about Profound RF Microneedling and how it can benefit you, call our Tampa office today at 813-877-8067 or head to our contact page.