How Profound RF Works to Build Collagen in Your Skin

Profound® RF - SimplySmooth - June 2022

If you’ve been looking into top-notch med spa treatments, you’ve no doubt heard a bit about Profound® RF skin therapy. People love the way it tightens skin, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and overall mimics the results of a facelift without the need for surgery.

But how does Profound RF work? That’s an important question to ask – and we have the answers you need. 

Radiofrequency Energy and Microneedling

The radiofrequency energy is the RF in Profound RF’s name. What doesn’t get as much attention is the microneedling element. However, both parts are central to the effects of Profound. The microneedles create tiny, essentially invisible columns into the skin that trigger the natural healing process – while also leaving a clear path into the deeper tissues. 

Both radiofrequency treatments and microneedling can make big changes, but together, they can transform your skin.

It is this path that the radiofrequency energy takes, getting deep into the skin without causing damage to the tissues. The brief bursts of energy heat the tissues, also triggering the healing process.

How Profound RF Builds Collagen

It all comes down to triggering the natural healing process. When the skin perceives itself as being rounded – which both the punctures from the microneedles and the heat from the radiofrequency make the body think it has been injured – it starts producing collagen and elastin. So while Profound itself does not create collagen, it does cause the body to produce it. This makes the results very natural. 

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