If it’s Been a While, You May Want to Try Laser Hair Removal Again

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If you were one of those to jump on the laser hair removal wagon back when it was first introduced, you may remember it being an unpleasant experience that you didn’t want to repeat. And you may not have achieved the results you were hoping for either.

The good news is technology has changed a lot over the years and the laser hair removal treatment of old is no more. If you’re questioning whether you should try laser hair removal again, it may be time to give it another shot.

A Much More Comfortable Experience

If you remember numbing ice packs and intense heat and pain from your last attempt at laser hair removal, it is definitely time to give it another try. New lasers, like the GentleMax Pro®, now combine fast and powerful lasers good for any skin type. It uses is patented Dynamic Cooling Device® that cools the skin automatically before each pulse, resulting in a much more comfortable experience. Instead of feeling intense heat and discomfort, you now feel something similar to a small pinprick of heat.

A Long-Lasting Solution

With laser hair removal, you can almost completely say goodbye to your razor or tweezers. While optimal results still require multiple sessions, that number has gone down from 10 to typically less than 6. This is because your hair grows in stages and must be at a certain stage for removal. As your hair doesn’t all grow the same, multiple sessions target different hair follicles at optimal growth cycles. While most hair will not grow back, hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or menopause, can stimulate new growth.

So, should you try laser hair removal again? We say, Yes! If your memory of previous laser hair removal isn’t a good one, now may be the time to give it a second chance. Your smooth, soft, hairless skin will thank you.