Intima Can Rejuvenate Your Entire Vaginal Area

SimplySmooth Laser - Vaginal Rejuvenation - May2022

Have you heard of Intima laser vaginal rejuvenation? It’s been getting a lot of buzz for all the things it can do, especially improving muscle tone and reducing incontinence. But the benefits aren’t just to the internal anatomy; you can enjoy laser vaginal rejuvenation benefits inside and out.

Addressing Appearance and Function

The way your vagina feels and functions is important, so we don’t want to discount that. However, the appearance of the vulva also matters to many women. Sometimes these concerns are purely aesthetic. In other cases, longer labia can really get in the way and become an inconvenience.

It might not be the most PC thing to say, but sometimes, you want to enhance the look of your intimate areas – and that is OK.

With Intima vaginal tightening, collagen production can help “lift” the labia so there is less sagging, giving the vulva a more youthful appearance. For some women, this is a concern they’ve had all their lives. For others, it is a result of aging or changes in weight. No matter the case, Intima can help.

In addition to enhancing appearance, you also improve everything from the tone of the vaginal canal to lubrication production. For many women, laser vaginal rejuvenation restores their confidence, sexual pleasure and quality of life.

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