PicoWay: One Device, Five Treatments

closeup of womans face

You may have heard of the PicoWay® laser and are wondering how it works. In this post we will cover all of the details of this amazing nonsurgical skincare solution!

How Does the PicoWay Laser Work?

The PicoWay laser uses a beam that combines high strength and ultra-short pulses, this system is FDA and CE approved. The treatment can be customized to treat scarring caused by acne, the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and two kinds of tattoos. Depending on the desired result, we can customize the treatment using different kinds of laser handpieces and wavelengths.

PicoWay treatments are fully customized to your needs.

The laser beam can be used in two modes: full beam or split beam depending on the type of treatment the user needs. Full beam handpieces are ideal for targeted treatments such as laser tattoo removal, acne scar treatment, and removal of dark pigment spots. Meanwhile, split beam handpieces break up a central beam into identical beams to spread them across a wider area of treatment. Split beams are used to stimulate the creation of elastin and collagen, giving a smoother and younger appearance.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Treatment?

The ideal user of the PicoWay laser is a generally healthy individual who is looking to improve their skin via acne scar treatment, smoothing of wrinkles, dark spot lightening, stretch mark removal, or laser tattoo removal. With the PicoWay laser, there is little to no downtime making it an ideal choice for busy individuals who want to look their best.

Getting Started

If you have any of the five conditions that the PicoWay laser treats, contact board-certified laser technician Carroll Dello of Simply Smooth Laser Center to schedule your consultation at (813) 877-8067 or fill out the contact form. She will make sure your skin is even, smooth, bright, radiant, and ink-free.