Random Chin Hairs? Get Laser Hair Removal!

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Pesky chin and lip hairs are common cosmetic complaints for many women. The appearance of chin and/or lip hairs in women can be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, hormone changes, aging and certain medical conditions. If you’re tired of waxing and plucking unwanted facial hair, consider laser hair removal (LHR) for a more long-term solution.

How Does Laser Chin Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal for chin and lip hair works in the same way as LHR for other areas. The laser energy targets the pigment in the hair follicle, where it is then converted to heat. This process disables the follicle from continuing to grow hair, resulting in long-term hair removal.

How Many LHR Treatments Will I Need?

The exact number of LHR treatments you will need for effective chin hair removal will depend on your specific circumstances. However, most people need around 7 to 9 treatments, each spaced about one month apart, to remove unwanted facial hair. 

Does LHR Work on Blond or Gray Hair?

No, laser hair removal is unfortunately not effective on light hair colors like blond or gray. This is because these lighter hair colors do not contain enough pigment for the laser to target. Even if you were to dye your hair, the dye would not reach deeply enough into the follicle for effective LHR treatment. This can present a challenge for lighter chin and lip hairs, meaning that the treatment works best for more noticeable and thicker “random” hairs that show up on your lower face.

What about Sideburns?

Laser hair removal can also target hair around your ears, but the same requirements apply: the hair needs to be dark enough to absorb the light energy. Our providers can treat your entire face comfortably and help you feel less self conscious about facial hair. We are able to achieve very satisfying results for the vast majority of our patients.


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