Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Labiaplasty: How Do They Compare?

woman with legs crossed

While female anatomy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, enlarged labia may cause self-consciousness and/or physical discomfort for some women. If this is the case for you, you may have considered a surgical procedure called labiaplasty to reshape or resize the labia. However, surgery is not your only option. 

Take a look at the differences between surgical and non-surgical labiaplasty to help you decide which technique would best fit your goals.

What Is Surgical Labiaplasty?

During labiaplasty surgery, the inner and outer labia can be reshaped and/or reduced by carefully removing excess tissue with a scalpel. This procedure can be very precise and effective, although it can require around six weeks of lifestyle adjustments before you fully recover.

What Is Non-Surgical Labiaplasty?

Non-surgical labiaplasty uses laser energy reshape targeted tissue from the inside out, stimulating your body’s own collagen production and self-healing process. Vaginal rejuvenation devices such as the CO2RE Intima laser can shrink enlarged labia that may cause physical discomfort, painful intercourse or emotional distress without surgery or incisions. 

A typical CO2RE Intima appointment takes just 15 minutes to complete and does not require downtime afterward. Most people see the best results after a series of 3 or 4 Intima treatment sessions, with final results lasting up to a year.

Added Benefits of Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

In addition to improving the form or function of the labia, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation devices like Intima can also treat vaginal dryness or laxity, painful intercourse, decreased sexual sensation and stress urinary incontinence.

If you think Intima non-surgical feminine rejuvenation could be right for you, call our Tampa office at 813-877-8067 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to create a customized treatment plan.