Two Reasons Why Experience Is a Must for Laser Hair Removal

smiling medical professionals

As is the case with many med spa treatments, it may be tempting to think of laser hair removal as a beauty indulgence instead of a medical procedure. Though it’s true that laser hair removal is a nonsurgical aesthetic procedure with minimal downtime and a proven safety record, choosing a highly experienced certified laser technician remains a vital step for any patients who want the best results. There are two reasons this is so important.

1. Improved Patient Safety

Laser hair removal technology has been FDA-approved for many years, but the facilities in which treatment may be performed are not regulated consistently in all states or at the national level. Ideally, treatments should take place only in medical facilities, such as a medical spa that’s operated under the supervision of a cosmetic surgeon. There are a number of laser treatment centers springing up all over the country these days, but not all of them are created equal. Although some states are putting stronger safety measures in place for patient protection, most aren’t moving toward finding any solution that would keep patients safe, leaving it up to the individual to make the best choice for his or her own care.

Just because laser hair removal is becoming more common doesn’t mean that patient welfare should become anything less than a top priority. For example, selecting the proper laser is essential to ensure safety and effectiveness. If the incorrect laser is used, the treatment may not work and could potentially cause permanent side effects like hyperpigmentation.

A knowledgeable laser technician will select the appropriate spot size and corresponding laser to offer the safest and most effective treatment experience, using the latest technology to make sure that hair follicles are destroyed efficiently and effectively without damaging surrounding areas or deeper structures within the dermis. The best laser hair removal specialists will take time to fully educate patients about the procedure in order to make sure that they completely understand the process and have realistic expectations about their possible results.

2. Better Results

A certified laser technician will ensure the highest level of patient safety possible while simultaneously delivering superior results. One reason experience matters so much is because it takes a combination of ongoing training and consistent use of the latest technology to respond and adapt treatment methods accordingly.

Although laser hair removal may seem straightforward enough, there are always a few tricks to every trade:

  • Certified laser technicians know that lasers are only effective when hair follicles are in a phase of active growth.
  • For treatments to be administered regularly and in accordance with both the density and growth cycle of a patient’s hair, a skilled tech will advise patients of the most optimum scheduling window for their next session in order to ensure the most effective long-term results.
  • Laser technicians should base their treatment approach on a variety of factors such as skin type according to the Fitzpatrick Scale.

Ultimately, the best laser hair removal results largely depend on the skill level and knowledge base of the technician administering the treatment. Someone who works with lasers daily and who also pursues ongoing training is definitely preferable to a non-medical aesthetician who only rarely practices laser hair removal. When in doubt, always try to find a facility that combines a strong emphasis on patient safety with the advanced skills of an experienced and certified laser technician.