When Will You See Your Profound Results & How Long Do They Last?

How long do profound result last? Happy woman with her hair wrapped in a towel looking at her face in the bathroom mirror.

Whenever you get any type of cosmetic procedure, the most burning questions are how soon results will be visible and how long will they last. Profound® is a med spa treatment that gives clients a way to address signs of aging without surgery, making a very popular procedure. But how quickly can results be seen? And how long do Profound results last?

Profound Takes Time

With profound, the speed with which you see your results depends on how your body responds.

Results from Profound treatment are not instant. For most clients, results start to be slightly noticeable within a month of treatment. However, because the procedure works by stimulating your body to create more collagen and elastin, the results will only show as quickly as your body is able to produce them. For most clients, this means the best results are visible 4-6 months after the procedure.

Lasting Results Require Maintenance

For most clients, the results will last roughly one year, which means that annual maintenance appointments are needed. However, since the procedure is pretty quick and requires minimal recovery, this typically is not a problem.

As with any procedure, keep in mind that these timelines are based on the average clients, and your experience could vary.

If you are interested in Profound as a way to address signs of aging without surgery, Caroll Delo, lead laser specialist at Simply Smooth Laser Center, would love to speak with you. To get in touch, use our contact page or call us at 813-872-6093.