Why a Little Skin Tightening with Profound RF Can Be Big

Mature woman smiling while leaning her head on her foldering arm. Nonsurgical skin tightening.

What are your cosmetic options for skin tightening? If you are like most, the first thing that comes to mind is plastic surgery procedures like facelifts. However, a lot has changed over the last few decades.

Now, there are cosmetic treatment options that don’t require any surgery at all. One of these is profound radiofrequency. This procedure is excellent on its own or as part of a complete med spa makeover.

How it Works

Profound brings together radiofrequency technology and microneedling to deliver pulses deep into the skin and underlying tissues. This allows Profound to address everything from skin laxity to cellulite.

Benefits of Nonsurgical Skin Tightening

When clients are weighing the choice of surgical vs. nonsurgical skin tightening, it is important to understand the benefits of forgoing surgery. Sure, the results won’t be quite as dramatic in some cases, but in others, they are equal.

These treatments tend to be cheaper since they do not require an operating room or general anesthesia. And perhaps best of all, there is very litte recovery time, with most clients resuming activities after 5 to 7 days of rest.

Nonsurgical skin tightening does not require downtime, making it great for anyone with a busy schedule.

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